Our field paints are of the highest quality.  OneStripe is known for its added brightener displaying an  unprecedented shine. A thick, solid coat of paint is released with every spray, using OneStripe’s universal jet-blast spray tip.


Our paint is durable. OneStripe aerosol field paint is the brightest and longest-lasting field paint on the market.


Our prices are the most competitive on the market. We guarantee quality paint and equipment for the lowest prices.  And no paint will ever be wasted using OneStripe’s advanced non-clogging system; every can empties every time.


Perfect for your field

OneStripe comes in multiple colors of aerosol or bulk paint form. Whatever your need, we can fulfill.

Chain sets, goal post pads or field layout kits. We have everything you need to set your field apart from the rest.

Need a new set of bases? What about mound clay? We have all the products to get your field ready for game day.

We have all the stencils you could ever need to make your field look its best. From custom stencils to hash marks we have you covered.


Perfect for your needs

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